Dalby Skulpturpark

A temporary exhibition of sculpture in Dalby Quarry, Knivsåsen Nature Reserve, Sweden. The exhibition is organised and curated by the Malmø-based exhibition space DELFI.

Vernissage 7/9 from 3-9 pm. Accesible all hours untill 22/9 2019.

Participating artists:

Anna Andersson, Albin Werle, Julie Falk, Karl Eivind Jørgensen, Nellie Lindquist, Tania Ezpeleta Dahlin, Tringa Gashi, Mariella Ottosson, Ville Laurinkoski and Louise Haugaard Jørgensen.

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The Demented King

An exhibition with holiday photos from Gran Canaria,  sculptures with strange growths of coprolite (fozzilised excrement) and an installation with several hundred towels.

Vernissage 27.09.2019 from 5-7 pm. with performance at 6 pm. This work will also be shown every Sunday at 12 pm in the exhibition period. Last performance 03.11.2019.

Møstings Hus

Andebakkesti 5

2000 Frederiksberg

Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 4 pm.

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Art Workshops and De Forenede Dampvaskerier.

Read more about the exhibition (in Danish) in the press release here.


Young Danish Photography  

The annual exhibition Young Danish Photography at Fotografisk Center opens Friday November 1 at 5-7 pm. This year the exhibition is curated in collaboration with Anna Krogh, director of Art at Work.

Paticipating artists: Louise Haugaard Jørgensen, Jeppe Lange, Søren Lilholt, Emilie Lundstrøm, Alexander Arnild Peitersen & Rosalina Kruse Serup.

Exhibition period: November 2 - December 20 2019

Fotografisk Center

Staldgade 16

1799 Copenhagen V



Interview in the exhibition The Demented King  

Produced by Fotografisk Center in connection with the show Young Danish Photography 19, which is up November 2 - December 20 2019.


February 10-13 I’m showing a new site-specific performance work in the foyer at The Stock Exchange in Slotsholmen, Copenhagen. It will be a chaotic and polyphonic collage that leaps in time across fiction, reality and superstition. Seats are limited, please book via louisehaugaardj@gmail.com

The work will be performed in Danish at 4.30 pm all four days.

Supported by The City of Copenhagen, The Danish Art Workshops and The Danish Arts Foundation.

Read more about the piece (in Danish) in the press release here.


Rose Gold

Solo show at Heimdal Kunstforening, in Heimdal, Norway. The  exhibition will contain a series new of photographic works, an  artist book made specially for this ocation and four sculptural works in alimunium titled Shitface.    

Open from February 29 - March 22 2020.                                 Opening hours: Thursday, saturday and Sunday: 12 noon - 4 pm.


Interview in Artscene Trondheim  

In relation to the exhibition Rose Gold at Heimdal Kunstforening in Heimdal Norway, Artscene Trondheim published the following interview: