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The title of this piece, Ingenafstand, is a new word – or perhaps a word construction – made by erasing the space between the two Danish words 'ingen' and 'afstand' meaning 'no' and 'distance'. In this way the title is a concrete, literal demonstration of its own meaning, and following this method the English title would be Nodistance. The combination of two words into one leaves the reader with the same group of letters but encourages her to pronounce them differently: a different melody now, a faster pace, and somehow a stress on the lacking space between o and d.

Ingenafstand is a spin-off or development of the site-specific piece Modtagerfelt from 2014 in which a wooden hut with floor paintings and text engraved on copper sit slowly in the forest. In this new development, which was created for the exhibition space Encore in Copenhagen, I have focused on two elements from the forest: wood as material and the copper text. In stark contrast to the wet and open forest terrain the new piece was exhibited in a small, dry window space. Here the wood has become paper, processed pulp, coloured, pressed, dried, cut, rolled, cut, moved, torn, soaked and placed in the sun behind glass. The text has been read and reread, condensed, printed out on paper, handwritten and reinterpreted by digital software, converted into appropriate formats, cut out and pasted on glass.