I make performances and sculptures as well as painted and photographic works on paper and combine them in site-specific installations and scenografies. My work deals with language, belief systems and habits of thought and how they affect our understanding of the sensory impressions that constantly overrun us. What is the correlation between the ability to move and the creation of self? Does human thought have a particularly privileged electricity? If humans are animals, how is artificiality defined?

Lately I use both spoken word and sign language in my performances and look for the little shifts and differences that make holes in our understandings of things. I search for the transformative potential of imagination and memory in order to approach an alternative form of knowledge production.

Also, things or objects are interesting to me, because they have a different understanding of self than the rest of us – they fall apart, dissolve and willingly merge with each other to create new things. It's like they know – there is no such thing as a surface, only the outermost internals.

As a part of my practice I invite people to meet and talk with me, one on one or in smaller groups, in my exhibitions. I find that conversation has a transformative potential and meeting new people in this way produces new insights, ideas, connections.

Some technical details in summary: In 2014 I graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus (DK) and I now live and work in Copenhagen (DK). Recently my work has been shown at Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, Skovsnogen Deep Forest Art Land in Kibæk (DK) and Piscine in Aarhus. I have been an artist in residence at the Danish Institutes in Rome and Athens, at Gamlí Skolí in Iceland and aboard The Arctic Circle Expedition that sailed around Svalbard in 2015.

'High hanging senses brush the world, don't throw away the sweepings'

Performance, 2017. Photo: Julie Stavad